Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Years Ago - Life Changed Forever

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On this day 10 years ago, my brother (along with his fellow Marine brothers) crossed a line in the desert sand and began to lead the March to Baghdad to remove a tyrant from power.

I sat at home and work frantically scanning the news and online coverage for any news.  I spent a lot of time connecting with a group of Marine family members in my brother's unit sharing what tidbits of information we discovered and sharing messages of encouragement.  I spent a lot of time saying prayers and asking for prayers.  Two nights earlier, here is the message I sent to my family and friends:


As you contemplate this impending war, whether you support it or oppose it, please remember to support our troops.  They are standing on the front line, willing to make the ultimate sacrifices, whether they agree with this war or not, so that we may all sleep, eat, work and relax in peace. 

Please take time to recognize all those that protect our freedoms and security - the police officers, firemen, veterans, reservists and active military.  You'll never know how much a simple thank you can mean to them.  OK - some of you will realize that - Thank you all for your sacrifices!

Please say an extra prayer for my brother and those with him - we know he is at the very front of the front line, waiting for the word 'GO' at this very moment.  If any of you would like to know some ways you can actively support our troops, I'd be happy to give you some ideas.


I was a few weeks pregnant with my first child.  Hoping and praying that my brother would return safely to meet the nephew/niece that he had long wanted.  Trying not to let the stress affect my health or that of the baby.  Trying to be supportive to my mom and littlest brother who was only 6 years old and deeply connected to our Marine.  How do you explain to a 6 year old something that has the grownups in his life falling apart at the seams?

Our boys had been called back to base early from their Christmas leave to board ship and deploy to Kuwait and await the word.  We had the occasional letter and phone call letting us know they were bored and ready  but OK.  Once the move began, our only connection was God and, for a time, Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal (see Rick reflect on his time with them here 10 years later).  

Life has never been the same.

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