Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bracelet Corsage #2

Another bracelet corsage idea - if you didn't see the first one check here!  This delicate little pink rose corsage was made in about 10 minutes while my husband and daughter were getting ready for the daddy-daughter dance.  

This is a slimmer bracelet from the same bundle I bought on clearance for the first corsage so again, I paid about $1 for this bracelet.  
Because my daughter is smaller, this fit her more as an arm band than a bracelet but that way it was out of her way for the dance.  For an adult or teenager it would sit much lower on the arm.  (You can tell by her grin how happy she is with it.)
I bought a single stem of the baby pink spray roses from the local florist for $3 (it had 6 blossoms of varying stages of openness on it) and they threw in the purple filler and a couple small ferns for no charge.  I started by picking the largest of the roses I wanted to use and a fern and held them together to trim them.  I left about an inch stem on both and wrapped them together with floral tape.  I added the purple filler and another rose and continued to wrap them into a line.  I worked with small lengths of the tape at a time so that I could weave it between the leaves of the fern.  I then wrapped the floral bundle onto the bracelet with the floral tape, being careful to weave it between the leaves of the fern and between each set of flowers.  You can see here I was left with a little gap between the first two flowers and the lowest little bundle but that's OK because its worked out to be a great spot to add the highlight of the ribbon.  
When the bundle was secured to the bracelet, I took a short length of spare ribbon from my collection (I think I paid $1 for the whole role and this took about 3 inches) and wound it around the base of the bundle to cover the tape.  I tucked the end in the gap between the flowers.  This ribbon was wired so it was easier to manipulate between the flowers and held its shape while I used hot glue in a couple of discrete places between the ribbon, flowers and bracelet to hold it all in place.
An impressive and unique corsage any girl big or small would be happy with showing off for less than $5 in about 10 minutes!

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KC Coake said...

Beautiful! Great way to get a pretty corsage for a pretty price, too!
Thanks so much for sharing at Real Family Fun link party.