Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tablecloth Tradition

I mentioned one of the traditions we began many years ago was one of signing the tablecloth.  
My mom has this one tablecloth and every year at either Thanksgiving or Christmas we haul it out and everyone there signs it in fabric paint.  
Before the signing begins, we enjoy strolling around and reading all the comments 
and seeing how things have changed.

Some people just sign their name.  
Others draw pictures of things they like 
or something to help them remember the year.  
Still others write jokes or sayings and tease each other.  
Usually the smallest kids get their tiny hands traced.  
The earliest year on the tablecloth is the year we got married...
and the Christmas before my brother left to become a Marine.
Sometimes we sign for someone who is not there explaining why they weren't there that year - like the years after this when my mom signed my brother's name and the date and time he called as he was deployed or at base.
We celebrate our accomplishments...

and we remember those who are no longer with us.


Stephanie said...

What a fun and creative idea :) Thanks for sharing!

Happy Weekend.

stephanne said...

What a fun tradition! Love this idea!

Unknown said...

so cute! I actually grew up in a tiny little town in Michigan called Davisburg. I miss the snow so much down here in Texas! Following you on Linky Friends and google+ from the blog hop. If you have a moment to stop by my blog that would be great! Looking forward to exploring more of your blog!

Unknown said...

A great idea for memories!