Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hockey Rink Cake

So, yes, I am that mom whose kids have 10,000 birthday celebrations - but hey, they are the best accomplishment I have so why not celebrate as much as we can!  This is the cake my Little Man took to daycare to share with his friends.  This one was a lot simpler than the stick & jersey cakes!  

Just a regular boxed cake mix - I always prefer Betty Crocker Moist mixes - they are just so consistent.  Then extra buttercream left from my big batch and smoothed flat for the ice.  A tube of red piping gel, a tube of blue glitter piping gel and some Wilton hard sugar decorations from the store and you are done.  This is a great one to make even for casual weekends where the guys are hanging out watching the Stanley Cup playoffs...or...celebrating the start to the delayed NHL season!  You can see my rink cake from last year here too.

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