Friday, June 5, 2015

Farmers Market Fridays - Nelson's Farm Market

It’s Friday and it’s June so welcome back to Farmers Market Fridays!  

I had the excuse a few weeks ago to make a day trip that took me past a Farm Market store that I have often admired 
but never had the chance to stop at.  

I had some extra time so I stopped for a quick tour and even though it was really early in the season, I still found some charming goodies at Nelson’s Farm Market in Newaygo, Michigan.

The store offered a wide range of goods from gardening to produce to fresh donuts and coffee.

Check out the handy planting chart…

And you know I love this display with the saddle…

Out at the barn, an array of farm animals greet visitors.  

Chickens, pigs, ducks, cows, mules, horses…

And let us not forget the goats…
this old guy seemed to think he owned this elaborate ramp system.

I hope to make it back when more of these bins are piled high with seasonal produce.
As it was I ended up leaving with jerky, dried pineapple, yellow potatoes, yellow onions, and a new fairy for the garden.

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