Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Day for Giveaway Entry and a #TBT Cupcake Recipe

Today is the last day to enter this giveaway for a free copy of the fun children's eBook "Candy and the Cankersaur"!  This is a low entry giveaway and I have 10 copies to give away.  

Entering is easy - just sign in to Rafflecopter with your email address or Facebook account.  Then you have up to 5 options for entering - pick one or enter multiple times.  Options include visiting author Jason Sandberg's Facebook page, visit the author's Goodreads page, tweeting, following me on Twitter, or leaving a comment on this post.  The winners will be announced tomorrow - good luck!!

My kids have now read this book multiple times and my son still giggles every time he reads it.  The colorful illustrations look great on our Kindle and, unlike many of the books we've downloaded, it is clear time was taken to proof-read and make sure the layout was as nice as a printed book.  You can see my previous review here.

And in honor of Candy and her Cankersaur's preference for cupcakes, as well as Throwback Thursday, here's my recipe for Triple Cherry Cupcakes.

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