Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We Didn't Celebrate St. Patty's. And Its OK

We didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day today.
We didn't even wear green clothes. 
No green food. No green hair. 
No special themed snacks and goodie bags to take to school to share with their class. 
I have no cute, smiling, happy green pictures to share.

In my younger mommy days I would have felt horribly ashamed to neglect my children by not celebrating such any holiday. I would have stayed up late last night making special treats, washing certain clothes, packaging special lunches. 

I would have been exhausted. I would have been flustered and frustrated and overwhelmed. 

But you know we all survived today just fine. 

In fact, none of us noticed it was St. Patty's Day until we were halfway to school. And even then my youngest pronounced 
"Oh well. At least I have green on my shoes like every other day."  

So there you have it. 
All those years of late nights...
stressed late nights...
and frustrated mornings on too little sleep. 
For what? 

Yes, it's nice to celebrate when you can. 
But when its too much its too much...
and that's okay to. 
You'll survive. 
They'll survive. 

And they won't be any more scarred from not celebrating  that one holiday than from anything else you do as a mother. 
Most likely they'll never remember. 
Just like they won't remember half the times you did. 

Well...there is one St. Patty's Day tradition it might not be too late for...think I'll grab a beer while I crash the couch with my husband for our TV show...

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