Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Now I Shall Pull A Rabbit Out of My Hat...

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I often feel like motherhood and marriage requires us to be magicians.  

Because don't you just love when your husband announces 
he's just invited 5 of his buddies to come hang out for the big game.
Requiring you, of course, to supply enough food for a small army, 
frantically clean the house and dust the entertainment center and 
anything else on the same side of the room as the TV, vacuum, 
wash mountains of dishes, relinquish half of your fridge to keep the beer cold, 
keep the children out of the living room and quiet 
so the men-folk can watch their sports, accept the fact that 
your husband will only utter 6 words to you all day 
"honey, can we get another round?", 
and forget any plans for crafting or relaxing you had for the day...

Or like last night, when at my 8:00 p.m. announcement that it was 
time for PJ's and toothbrushes 
elicited a pronouncement from my 8-year-old that she 
HAD to have a sheep costume for summer camp - in the morning.  

Say what???  
Must it be a sheep or would another farm animal do?  
It NEEDED to be a sheep because although it is farm animal week 
at summer camp, her best friend was going to be a sheep too.  
And what, exactly, did she think I was going to make a sheep out of??  
Cotton balls was her answer.  
As my husband watched this discussion with great amusement, 
I replied "Well, since I only have about 3 cotton balls here, 
its going to be a little on the skimpy side..."

But being the over-achiever, perfectionist parent I try to be...
of course, I started looking around the house for white fluffy objects.  
And then it struck me - ah, the great Velcro bath towel.  
You know that wrap thing from the infomercials back in the day 
with the elastic and velcro that works kinda like a robe?  
I have a white one.  
So I wrapped it around my little sheep and 
then headed to my drawer of odd accessories and 
pulled out a pair of long white gloves from a past costume 
and added those to my little sheep's arms 
which had her giggling in excitement at our progress.  
Then she frowned and said "But I need black hooves."  
So we headed to the backroom and our winter glove stash 
and found a black pair of stretchy gloves to put over the top of the white gloves 
and I gave her my black & white flip-flops.  
In looking for the gloves, I found her black knit winter hat 
with the f aux sheep wool lining with its little ear flaps.  
We debated on whether to turn it inside out so 
the white sheep wool was on the outside 
or leave the black side out like she was a black-faced sheep.  
After a mirror check, she pronounced the sheep wool side to look more realistic.  Hmmm, what to do for the last part - the tail.  
I yanked my black ponytail holder out of my hair and 
grabbed a bundle of towel in the back and wrapped the band around.  
This made a pert little tail that sorta wags cutely as she walks.  
Oh yeah, and did I mention that 
this is the second time in a week that 
this sort of last-minute bomb has been dropped?  
Last time I pulled a mystical unicorn costume out of my nether-regions...  
Thank God for tin foil, spray paint, and a paper towel roll
combined with an old Cleopatra costume...

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