Thursday, September 25, 2014

Where does the time go?

The past month has flown by and here is a little of the insanity that has been keeping me distracted...  First, there was the start of school...including the usual round of appointments that go with lining up all the paperwork and health appointments, yadda yadda.
Then there was this whole birthday deal which involved glamping - yes, that is a birthday invite shaped like a tent.  And yes, I will be sharing much more about this easy little invite and the rest of the party.  Just not going to promise when...
Then there was some hunting preparations.  And some daddy daughter hunting last weekend when my husband took my daughter out for the first time for Michigan's firearm youth hunting season.  This girl is a sharpshooter with the muzzle loader.  They had an awesome time and they were happy to see deer, even though she didn't get a chance at the buck she was after.  She had decided early on that she would take a mature doe but not one with any fawns with them and that was all that came within range so she got some practice but stuck with her decision not to take one.  We are both so proud of her!
And this little guy is already pretty good with his little bow too.
Aren't they getting so big?  I still think of them like this a lot of times though...
My daughter came home from summer camp with this little snack and it was pretty tasty.  She made these and took the picture herself.  Townhouse Pretzel Flips, whipped cream cheese and berries.
We've been showering this little girl with extra love too - we all miss big brother a lot.  But she's doing pretty good and loving the extra hugs and belly rubs.
All the wood hubby split over the summer left huge piles of bark so I've used some of it as mulch in odd spots that we can't get the mower into - this is right next to the pallet garden and dog kennel.
We made these fun little bird's nests for my daughter's school birthday treat.
And my experimental tie-dye cake for the birthday girl turned out pretty cool.  I trimmed the rocker ends off, frosted with white whipped cream frosting and decorated with sprinkles and candy to make it look like a standing horse with some grass at the bottom.  Another post on that later too.

Hockey started back up again too so its back to the hoodies for me.  This one is on my Christmas list.
And there has been a little of this...
I got a promotion at work that I have been waiting on for 16 years - a bump to management - and I am super excited about the opportunity to move forward some things I'd been held back on.  I wish that meant I could now go to the office like Maxine but not quite...
Then there was our anniversary - 15 years since this happened.  What a handsome, wonderful guy he is!

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