Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dining Room Update

This dining room has come a long way in two years.  All the way from this...

You can see the beginning of the transformation here.  It’s one of those rooms that I only had a partial vision for and I didn’t really have much to put in there beyond all the dishes I had stored away.  My old dining room in the other house was too small and really non-functional so we mostly used it for projects. 

I knew this was one of the rooms I wanted to be a little more bold on the colors than other areas of the house and since my husband and I both like blue, we settled on this "Royal Gray".  

Once the light got a makeover, my mom donated the table and chairs, as well as the hutch and the giant picture (which I absolutely love) which were gifted by one of her friends. 

I asked my husband for plate racks for Christmas this year.  They have been on my wish list for years but I never really had a place to put them anyways.  

Some of the plates are ones I’ve collected over the years at thrift stores and auctions.  Others were passed down to me through my family.

The hutch now holds a collection of “the good china” dishes from my great-grandmother (my mom’s dad’s mom) and other treasures from several generations on all sides of my family.  Someday I would love to catalog these dishes and their stories.

I am still undecided on what to do above the hutch and on the east walls that lead to the library room (which is another project awaiting some furniture and inspiration…).  I’m torn between finishing the top part of the hutch in some fashion and putting it back on top or hanging a few treasures like the antique printing press drawer above it for bric-a-brack.  I’m on the search for a taller narrow table to use for serving and I have a mirror and some shelves to hang above it on the one side of the doorway.  Its a good excuse to go hit some auctions anyways...

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