Monday, August 12, 2013

New House Update and Ceiling Fan Makeover

We've been pounding away at the new house and with the major projects out of the way we have been working on some of the finishing touches while we wait for new carpet to be installed.  One of the rooms that needed the least amount of work was my daughter's room.  She had floors in good shape and the walls didn't need much patching.  The trim had also been redone and just needed a gloss coat.
She was not thrilled with my "boring" colors in the rest of the house and went for a bold bright pink called "Sweet Sixteen" (big surprise, right?) for her own room.  

Not what I would have chosen but hey, ya gotta pick your battles and we decided that if she was happy with it and it got her excited about moving then we could live with it.
We found this on Pinterest as our overall inspiration.  And her color came out pretty close...
Once it was painted even she started having second thoughts because it was so bright (sorry sister, got too much to paint around here to redo the job when it took 3 coats!).  At first it looked a little Pepto Bismol - later more like the neon pink on her shoe laces...  But the more we looked at it the more even my husband thought it would look good once we got her dark antique furniture and a few painted pieces (like the little white cabinet I scored for $1 at a barn sale) in there.
One of the things that was an issue was the reflective white of the ceiling.  The ceiling fan was an original from the '80's so you know it was white with that little gold scroll - oh, come on, you know you've all had one...  But it was in good shape and just needed some screws tightened to take out the scary wobble it had.  We looked at replacements but couldn't find anything that looked right anyways so I figured trying a coat of paint wouldn't hurt.
I took off the blades and painted them with a sample size of Valspar Redstone Blue Spruce.
It was missing the light cover but we thought that would be an easy replacement.  After trying one we bought that didn't fit, we remembered this globe with the roses that I got for free at the same barn sale as the shelf - a perfect fit!  It looked a little funny with just the frosted glass so we used a raspberry color we had leftover from another project and my daughter painted the roses and used the same blue spruce color for the leaves.  She varied how heavy and light she applied the paint so they have depth.  It gives just the right personalized touch and helps add some contrast to the room - and you can't beat the $2 makeover verses $60-$120 to replace it!  Its starting to get exciting!

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