Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flirty Aprons and Girl Time in the Kitchen

You may notice another something new around here - another addition to this Country Life blog family - Flirty Aprons!  I've joined their affiliates program where I will earn 15% commission on any sales that come from the links on my site.  As I have promised before, I only want to bring you products that I truly think make sense with this blog and what my readers come here to find and I really think Flirty Aprons fits the bill.

www.FlirtyAprons.comI have a slight fascination with cute aprons and have started picking up a few vintage or handmade ones here and there.  Last year I made my daughter an apron from a sewing kit and one for her American Girl doll too.  I am very bad about changing out of my work clothes when I get home before I start to make dinner or do chores around the house (and as you saw this summer, even the garden and the barn...) so having a supply of aprons around is great to throw on and keep my clothes protected.  Added bonus - the hubby thinks I look cute in aprons so I get a few extra kisses while dinner is cooking.  ;)  

My friend's daughter has wanted to do a bake sale for the past couple of years for our March of Dimes fundraising but it just hasn't worked out.  This year, we decided that since finding an appropriate venue was difficult, we are going to try a pre-order bake sale.  All our team members will distribute order forms with the available baked goods listed.  We'll do this for about a month and then we have set aside a Saturday in April where we'll all get together at my mom's and do a baking day.

These days are so much fun!  My mom and I have done this before to sell baked goods and for holiday food gifts - we did 25 apple crumb pies from scratch in one afternoon - including peeling and slicing apples and crusts made one batch at a time by hand.  Its amazing how much more you can get done this way.  Plus its more fun to have someone to talk with and share a cup of tea and there are always extras for sampling and taking home.  

I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with my friend, her daughter and my own daughter this time.  Now we are scouring for cute packaging ideas that tie into our March of Dimes Team name - I found the cutest Washi tape with tiny little footprints on Etsy...  I really want to snag a picture of all of us with our aprons on in the middle of baking to share with all of you.  :)  

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